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Shimano Alivo 9spd shifters with SRAM rear mech and cassette?

kwsmithphotokwsmithphoto Posts: 4
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Hello. I'm new here but I spent some time searching and couldn't find the answer I'm looking for.

I bought an older bike with an SRAM drivetrain and trigger shifters, but one of the shifters was a basically shot so I bought some n.o.s. Alivo triggers shifters since I liked the design better, and assumed they would work. They don't. The Shimano shifters don't have enough travel to move the chain all the was across the cassette now. It isn't a chainline or derailleur stop point problem, it's definitely a mismatch somewhere.

Question: Can I swap out the cassette for a Shimano part, do I need a Shimano derailleur, or both?

Thanks. I hope someone can help!


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    You need to match the shifters and mech, so Sram with Sram or Shimano with Shimano. Cassette doesn't matter, the spacing is the same, the pull ratio of the mech and shifters isn't.

    (Sram named shifters - eg. Rocket work with Shimano mechs, but not Sram mechs. The numbered Sram shifters only work with Sram mechs)

    Front shifters are interchangeble.
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  • Thanks for the quick answer! I had a feeling that was the problem but sadly, it means I gotta buy a Shimano rear mech...

    Thanks again. --Kevin
  • mattyfezmattyfez Posts: 638
    Or a sram shifter will be a bit cheaper, but if you want the shimano shifters, then yes.
  • That was my first idea, before I bought the Shimano shifters, but the quickest shop to me didn't have any 3/9spd SRAM triggers. So I bought the Shimano's, installed them and their new cable, cut the cable (so I couldn't return then), then realized I had a problem. Oops!

    I have a new Deore "shadow" rear mech on the way, and I figured why not put a new chain on it too since they had good ones for half off. I hate putting money into an older and un-special hardtail, I but at least once it's dialed in it'll be a good bike for years more.
  • cobbacobba Posts: 282
    I have a new Deore "shadow" rear mech on the way,

    What model?

    If it's the 592 it will work, if it's a 600/6000 series it won't work.
  • 02GF7402GF74 Posts: 1,294
    If the cassette is worn then a new chain will skip.
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