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Cracked frame

Careca78Careca78 Posts: 106
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Sorry if I make dumb questions, but road bikes are out of my comfort zone.
My father has a BH Ventoux from 2002 (aluminum frame) with some extras and a flat bar for commuting. Unfortunately the frame cracked in the upper (inner part, close to the weld) and lower part (outer part) of the head tube.
From a conversation I had with a welder I’ve decided it’s hardly economically viable to repair and repaint the frame.
What replacement frame can you suggest? I would like something light and confortable, yet not very expensive. Or is it better to buy a new bike and build a N+1 project with the spares?



  • MoonbikerMoonbiker Posts: 1,706
    This one: ... gLsOfD_BwE

    Not sure about tyre clearance.

    & you may need a new front mech dependedenr on wether your old one is clamp on or braize on.
  • Careca78Careca78 Posts: 106
    What about Planet X?
    They have a cheap(ish) carbon frame. Any feedback?
  • DavidJBDavidJB Posts: 2,019
    Careca78 wrote:
    What about Planet X?
    They have a cheap(ish) carbon frame. Any feedback?

    Plenty of people ride planet x and they are fine.
  • Careca78Careca78 Posts: 106
    My father decided to buy a new bike instead of dealing with compatibility issues and older components.
    Now I have a box of spares to deal with... maybe I will buy an Holdsworth Brevet Audax steel frame to use those parts and make a commuter.
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