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New chain causing shifting problems?

tonysjtonysj Posts: 361
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Hi All,

I've just fitted and new SRAM chain to my 10 speed road bike and find that it seems to have created a problem with shifting gears.Not ridden it on a road yet as Ive noticed the shifting problem.
Its fine on the rear casette shifting from low gear to high gear. Runs near perfect. Going the other way high gear to low the initial shift on brake lever moves 1 gear but the derailleur has moved further towards the next gear and you can see the chain occasionally lifting on the second cog on the casette near the derailleur top wheel.
This happens all the way to the low ( bigger cog ) until it gets to the 8th cog when it shifts and stays central and inline without fouling the next cog.

Ive tried to check on How to index on this site but the video was for a mountain bike and it states adjust the index at the handle bar lever by screwing our the adjuster at the shifter, which is easy on a mountain bike but the road bike shifts are very different and Im not sure what to do.

Is the problem with indexing because it was fine with the worn chain or is it indexing at the gear change lever on the bars.
either way how do I adjust it so its fine?




  • webboowebboo Posts: 3,916
    Worn cassette, you probably need to change it as well.
  • tonysjtonysj Posts: 361
    Webboo wrote:
    Worn cassette, you probably need to change it as well.
    I asked on here about if I needed a new cassette but I have done only 1500 miles and it was a new bike so general advise was it's unlikely to be a worn cassette. I don't think it's the cassette. Thanks anyway.
  • webboowebboo Posts: 3,916
    Have you tried googling indexing SRAM 10 speed road gears.
  • tonysjtonysj Posts: 361
    Sorted it folks. Found a how to for road bike gear deraileur set up on GCN youtube. Excellent and informative site GCN. . Was the cable adjuster on rear of deraileur that needed 1/2 a turn...
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