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Topping up sealant on tubeless tyres

OlasOlas Posts: 54
edited September 2017 in Workshop
Quick question for all tubeless users.

Recently changed to tubeless (which are magnificent) on my Giant Propel. Running Schwalbe Pro One 25mms. Used 30mls on each wheel when setup a couple of months ago.
How often should I top this up?


  • singletonsingleton Posts: 2,048
    I think it depends which sealant you use.
    Most seem to recommend top ups every 2-3 months.
  • janwaljanwal Posts: 485
    I have just checked mine after 6 months.There was still plenty left in both tyres I know this because I wanted to fit some of these valves ... refill-kit.
    So I had to remove the tyres to fit them. In future I won't have to touch the tyres,just insert the syringe tool and withdraw any fluid. Then top up.
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