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A little rant about the orange bikes community

ApplesandorangesApplesandoranges Posts: 41
edited October 2017 in MTB general
So first off i am a happy five owner and i am not trying to to reflect the orange owners in a bad light or or anything as i am obviously one myself. In general i have noticed that orange owners attitude towards faults with bikes are hardly ever negative.

For example on orange riders page and other websites I have seen lately a lot of 2017/18 bikes ive read posts on have cracked particularly on alpines but seen a few fives etc. All im saying is i have definitely seen a increased number of frame failings cases on the newer frames than i have ever remembered. I have heard all kinds of roumours from orange using agency staff to weld on the newer bikes due to increased demand to frame design faults on newer bikes.

Regardless everytime someome posts a orange thats cracked on orange fan websites, other owners always comment saying thing like "id still rather have a orange it still lasted longer than those weak multi pivot bikes" or their warranty is the best ever. It seems like a lot of people (not all) who own a orange won't complain enough about it or say anything negative In response. A lot of the posts even get pulled on fan sites if the frames broken ive noticed.

I know if it was anyother bike giant,specialized santa Cruz etc there would be a outrage over increased numbers of bkes failing etc anf they would recall them straight away.. I do think a lot of people buy oranges for the bling factor a bit like a lot of people by Apple stuff unrelated but their user base acts in a simmilar way,for example no headphone jack, is okay you can use a adaptor still an inconvenience.

It also annoys me when i read people comment s saying well you have had it 2 year time to upgrade like 2 year for a heavy expensive mountain bike. I couldn't even afford to upgrade every 2 year. All im saying is these type of things are what i read daily almost regarding orange bike problems. I love my five its fairly strong,easy to maintain and fun and caues im heavy can take quite a lot of stress but i do think a lot (not all) of people who buy orange bikes get them for the wrong reasons, bling,built in Britain etc.


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