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Broken spoke - distort disc rotor?

orraloonorraloon Posts: 9,107
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Any views on this?

Broke a spoke this morning, usual rear drive side. Limped it home 25km with a disc rub noise going on. Have some spare spokes so will get on to it later on.

Q is: could the spoke break and wheel de-trueing cause a permanent distort in the disc rotor? 2nd time I've had a spoke break on this wheel, last time gave it to LBS to fix, on return the rotor was slightly bent. Assumed was clumsiness by the LBS, no way of telling, replaced the rotor. Gonna be a pest, and costly, if have to replace the disc rotor on each occasion.

Wheel is the standard supplied with 2017 Cannondale Synapse 105 disc alloy, RD 2.0 28 hole rims.

I'm big and heavy, just the way it is, no micro climber me, and I'm not going down the Schleck (allegedly) route, so might have to think on a stronger replacement wheel.


  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 24,799 Lives Here
    I'm not the expert on wheels but the spoke probably broke as a result of the wheel being badly built with uneven tensions throughout. The best way to save the wheel would be to get it rebuilt with all new spokes.
    The wheel going out of true should not affect the rotor. I've had my back wheel hit by a car and go sufficiently out of true that it was almost hitting the frame by the time I got home, no disc rub though.
  • svettysvetty Posts: 1,904
    A broken spoke shouldn't affect the rotor......

    If a second drive side spoke has broken on a nearly new bike/wheel this suggests that the loading on the wheel may be exceeding the wheel's limits. This can happen with a heavy powerful rider. You may need to consider a stronger wheel with more spokes.......
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
  • orraloonorraloon Posts: 9,107
    Yeah, my mind heading towards replacing the wheel with summat tougher. Heavy, yip; powerful, :D I'd like to think.

    I had this years ago with my first real road tourer bike; kept busting spokes, put in a tougher wheel, problem went away. Too powerful for my own good eh?

    Will get on the case with taking down the wheel later. Will be interesting to see if this rotor has gone the way of the previous.
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,533
    As others have said, this should have no effect on the rotor. think about it - the rotor is fixed to the hub, which is fixed to the frame and therefore the caliper. The spokes and rim have no bearing on any of that.
  • orraloonorraloon Posts: 9,107
    Update. Got it wrong out on the road, heat of moment, etc etc. Not rotor rub but frame rub. Rotor is perfectly straight. So back to blaming LBS for the bent rotor last time...

    Will put this one back to straight, but on theme that I'm too much for this wheel, any recs on replacement stronger wheel? Black alloy disc 105 to match.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 24,799 Lives Here
    Get a hand built 32 spoke, maybe 36 if you want to be extra careful. Not sure where you are or if there are ang good local wheel builders. Otherwise most will mail order. Malcolm of the Cycle Clinic of course, good to support someone so helpful on here.
  • orraloonorraloon Posts: 9,107
    I'm in Oxfordshire, so anywhere round this patch. Or indeed as you say Mr Cycleclinic.
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