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Bike for transporting bambino

effilloeffillo Posts: 257
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I am in the market for a new bike that I can attach either a rear child seat or a trailer, preferable the seat. I think a road bike is probably not the right option for this as I would probably want to go off roads and on gravel/forest tracks etc. I am starting to look at cyclocross, tourers, gravel bikes, single speeds etc but as they are bikes that I don't really know much about I was after a bit of advice from anyone on here that can help. I don't want to spend a fortune as it won't get massive use, would be willing to go second hand or have cycle to work with Evans.


  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,496
    Both have their advantages - the trailer we had for when LSB was really small - strapped his car seat in the trailer and strapped him in that - it's hard work though!
    Now he's bigger (from about 1) he loves sitting in his bike seat - which is great as it's much easier to transport - however, the disadvantages are that you have to be steadier when riding eg: out of the seat - no way and he will turn and lean over - throwing the balance off. Then, he goes to sleep - meaning you have to be extra steady as otherwise you throw their head around ... car seat in the trailer would be better for then!

    As for bikes - an alloy one if the seat clamps around the tube like the Hamax one - you don't want to clamp that on a carbon frame! I use a Specialized Tricross - because that's what I had. I'd like the brakes to be a bit better though - an additional 16Kg makes quite a bit of difference - hydro disks would be my preference ... like I have on my Mtb ...

    There is a difference in handling between narrow drop bars and wider MTB/hybrid flat bars - the narrow drops being more twitchy with the extra load on the back...

    oh - and don't get a short wheel base one - the seat moves the center of gravity back - ok most of the time - no good when trying to ride steady up a 10% gradient with the front wheel lifting!!
  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,632
    My kid is now 6 and her weight + the tagalong is 37kg.

    I have attached it to a caad10 road bike an Meta5.2 full sus, a 1997 klein and a Boardman hybrid .. these are my thoughts

    (1) Get hydraulic disc brakes .... 37kg extra weight in the wet is disconcerting on rim brakes more so if you have panniers with food and drink in at the same time

    (2) get a bike that takes 32mm rubber or more .... its far more comfortable with the extra weight

    (3) Flat bars are a lot nicer than drops when the kid starts pedalling, stands up, moves around and you go off road ... they can unsettle your bike, wide flat bars are easier to control

    (4) you wont be going fast, and a bike that weights 8kg compared to a bike that weighs 15kg is NOT noticeable even on the climes when towing 37kg + a pannier full of picnic

    (5) gears are your friends ... having MTB granny gears rocks going uphill AND off road over the lumpy stuff

    (6) normally silent carbon, suddenly creaks under the extra stress, Aluminium and steel stay quiet.

    basically, you wont be going fast, you will be going over curbs etc with no bunny hopping, you will want more manouverability, you will need to anchor on the brakes, you will drop the bike at some point, it will have hello kitty stickers stuck to it, you will want a smaller gear when climbing

  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    I use a wee ride seat that mounts on the cross bar to take my little one out for rides. Benefits are that your child is in front of you and can see what you see instead of your back. You can keep an eye on them that they are ok. They have extra security with your arms either side of them and you can talk to them. Doesn't work with road bikes, but fine on hybrids etc.
    I ride a bike. Doesn't make me green or a tree hugger. I drive a car too.
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