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Trek Fuel EX 7 or Scott Spark 950

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I'm looking to get a short travel dual suspension bike for a mix of fun on local trails (Hamsterly, Guisborough, Chopwell, Pennines, Northumberland, Northyork Moors, Cleveland Hills) and to use for longer rides e.g. Keilder 101, Hampsterly Beast, Ridgeway, Sandstone Way, Clenell Collosus.

I currently ride a VooDoo HooDoo 2013 (the one with the great reviews and an air fork) which has done it's job as an entry level bike but is a size too small and could use new wheels, better fork and brakes. So rather than make the best of a wrong bike I'm looking at the Trek EX 7 and Scott Spark 950.

What does the hive mind have to say on the subject?
I used to just ride my bike to work but now I find myself going out looking for bigger and bigger hills.


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