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2017 Tour de France Stage GPX Files???

allenpgallenpg Posts: 2
edited June 2017 in Pro race
I'm looking for a website that has GPX files for the stages for this year's TdF. I'm going to be in France for the final 2 weeks, and will be biking. I would like to have stage routes so I can start to plan where to watch. Thanks for the help!



  • imatfaalimatfaal Posts: 2,716
    If I were you I would get the maps and create your own using your preferred route-builder. what look like great routes on closed roads are often just a bad way to go when you are on your bike in traffic. If you make the route yourself with google streetview alongside you can get much nicer routes which are practically the same as the tour. The differences tend to be very small changes in town/city centres - but it is in these places (and not on the long avenues/climbs) that you need the routing. If you ever ride in London take a look at the TdF routing through London a few years back and consider whether you would ever choose to use those roads through Walthamstow, Stratford, and Docklands by choice - and I am not just knocking the area; there is some nice cycling there, but it just wasnt what the TdF used.
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