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£1000 to spend on a Hardtail

BatmanjnrBatmanjnr Posts: 5
edited June 2017 in MTB buying advice
Basically im going to use my works £1000 voucher to spend on a hardtail. (Or FS it the bike is on sale etc). Give or take £100 or so.

Looking on evans cycles the cube ltd sl 2x 27.5 looks nice. Im willing to put a bit to it.

Question is do you guys know of a solid 'go to bike' i should be looking at.. its for the trails.

I can buy online or various shops.


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Depends where you can use the voucher. There are different schemes.
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  • BatmanjnrBatmanjnr Posts: 5
    This is 'cycle scheme' from what i cant tell its most places except halfrauds.

    On cyclescheme website i put it my post code where i can use the voucher it basically lists them all.

    But if there is a certain bike to look at i will travel to a shop that stocks it.

    Few years back at evans cycles i found a trek fuel ex 7 reduced from 2100 to 1200. So i put the 200.. I am thinking hardtail this time though. Maybe with XT setup, 12kg or less etc
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