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Nukeproof scout 275 frame

adowling92adowling92 Posts: 225
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Looking at buying a Nukeproof Scout 275 Frame so I can try building a bike for the first time. ... prod146014

Is this a good frame to buy?
And is building a bike cheaper than buying a ready made one?
I'm a marine engineer building boats so I'm very mechanically minded, so I'm sure I shouldn't struggle :)
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  • In general it will be cheaper to buy a complete bike. Check out a complete build of the Nukeproof Scout and then price up the entire spec yourself and I would expect there to be quite a difference in cost. The cheapest Rockshox Yari fork (that comes with the latest complete build of the Scout), comes in at £450 on its own.
    Bike companies will have huge economies of scales when purchasing kit, and so will keep costs down.

    I assume that you have a total budget in mind when you are looking at this build?
    Take a look at something like a Bird - they allow you to choose the spec of your bike online. Take a look at the various costs of each part to give you an idea of how expensive your project could turn out.

    You could always build the bike with 2nd hand kit. The classifieds here, would be a good place to start pricing up your bits and pieces.

    And good luck - if you catch the bug, you will be constantly fettling and upgrading. Your cheap bike project will end up costing you a fortune. :D
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