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Steel v Carbon and the inverse bling return on money.



  • reacherreacher Posts: 416
    Shortfall wrote:
    reacher wrote:
    Shortfall wrote:
    reacher wrote:
    If it makes you feel like going out and riding then it's a good return on the money spent is really what it's about as to why a fat person should not have an exspensive bike I have no idea I'm pretty sure that those that are ridiculing these over weight riders are actually thinking their a lot better than they are because I'v yet to come across a top level athlete that has that opinion of other people trying to better themselves by training

    Well I haven't ridiculed any fat people on this thread and neither have I suggested they can't buy a nice bike made out of whatever material they want. I have however seen a few chubby rich blokes spilling out of lycra on really expensive bikes and thought to myself "what's the point?"

    Because for them it's just as hard as for you, my mate has cerble palsy, do I take the wee-wee because he buys nice kit, no I don't it's his way of trying to improve himself
    I have to be honest here I find that attitude very strange, the point is for these people they are at least trying, not rolling over and saying its not worth the effort, and to be fair I'v seen more people with shiit loads of talent beaten by people who had determination and the guts to say I may be censored but I'm going to train as hard as you are even harder

    Look, I don't know about your mate. I'm talking in general terms. I'm not anti carbon. I'm not anti spending whatever you want on expensive bikes. But I am entitled to an opinion. Some people dismiss steel and aluminium bikes for what I consider to be ridiculous reasons ie it weighs a tad more or they consider it old fashioned. That's fine, it's their money, just so long as they don't mind me pointing out that there might be flaws in their reasoning. We all enjoy riding bikes. Peace.

    ok i get your point i probably interpratating it wrong to be fair cheers
  • courtmedcourtmed Posts: 164
    Planning on treating myself in a few years to a custom steel road bike with disc brakes & that should do me for a long time. Probably a Sturdy Cycles piece, really keen on them based on the ones I've seen so far.
  • Mr _TibbsMr _Tibbs Posts: 46
    Carbonator wrote:
    Garry H wrote:
    Shortfall wrote:

    I have no problem with people buying what they perceive to be the best and in many cases that might well be a carbon bike. However I do question why a fat bloke would censored 5 grand on a Trek racebike when in all likelihood he'd be better served killing himself and saving us all the burden of paying for his end of life care.


    Performance is not the barrier to buying nice things, bank balance is. If a 5 grand Trek gives said fat bloke a stiffy, then who are we to argue?

    Love it when people with a £600 phone think a 3k bike is outrageous.

    Very true.

    I'm going to use that one in the future
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