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Farting is Good!

solosuperiasolosuperia Posts: 333
edited May 2017 in The bottom bracket
Saw my brother-in-law the weekend, the poor sod has had a chunk of his large bowel removed,
cancer but all clear now.
He used to attend a clinic where basically they all had bits of the lower gut removed.
The greeting in there was "How is it going"..... "Farting like a demon"..... "Good Good".
By all accounts no farting, could be a blockage, bad news.
What a lovely celebration of passing wind.


  • bbrapbbrap Posts: 610
    Good to hear the BIL is all clear. According to my missus I'm definitely not blocked and she has learned to hold her breath for minutes at a time.
    Rose Xeon CDX 3100, Ultegra Di2 disc (nice weather)
    Ribble Gran Fondo, Campagnolo Centaur (winter bike)
    Van Raam 'O' Pair
    Land Rover (really nasty weather :lol: )
  • capt_slogcapt_slog Posts: 3,715
    "Wherever you may be, let the wind blow free. Church or chapel, let it rattle"

    A little rhyme my late father used to come out with, usually just after he'd come out with it. :)

    The older I get, the better I was.

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