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New chainrings & gear cabling?

hopkinbhopkinb Posts: 7,010
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To save a few bob and to annoy the hell out of Ms Hopkinb by leaving oily rags all over the house, I've started to do my own spannering rather than subcontracting to LBS.

V68 has previously showed me how to remove cranks & chainrings, remove and change a bottom bracket, chain & cassette etc, and I did that at the weekend, and followed a post on here about how to index sram gears just using the barrel adjuster. All good, running and shifting really well.

Now, I've had this bike for 16 months now - SRAM rival hydro groupset. Strava tells me I have done approx. 12 thousand mainly commuting kilometres in that time - all weathers, and I'm not the best at keeping the drivetrain clean. I've had 4 or 5 chains in that time, and this cassette I installed at the weekend is cassette no. 3. Should I also be considering changing the chainrings? What should I be looking out for? The teeth look pretty worn on the outer ring - shark fin profile, and quite different compared to the rarely used inner ring. Is there any physical manifestation of worn chainrings? Dropping your chain a lot? Chain slipping under power? None of that is happening, but should I change the rings anyway?

I've had a google, and I can't see any direct replacements for SRAM Rival chainrings unless I buy the whole chainset, cranks and all, which I'd rather not do. I guess any chainring with 110 BCD will do?

What about gear cables - shifting seems fine, especially re-indexed with the new cassette & chain. Do I wait until it gets sloppy, or pre-empt and stick a new set of inners and outers on every 12 months or so?

Sorry for the long post for what is probably pretty simple stuff..


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