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Cycling the Amalfi coast

BannoBanno Posts: 63
Hi all,

I'm off to Sorrento in June and am taking my bike.
I've planned a few routes, but would like to know if anyone has cycled there before and if so, how busy is that coastal road that goes from Sorrento through Positano?
Is it best avoided?
It's just this makes up some of the longer routes I've planned.




  • Thick MikeThick Mike Posts: 337
    I drove along it a couple of times when we stayed in Minori...good luck!

    Can't remember many cyclists, but I wasn't one myself then so I may not have noticed. The end nearer to Sorrento is wider and easier to navigate, the other end is hairy. Narrow squeezes, blind corners, cliffs, coaches scraping both sides at once and mopeds tearing haphazardly around like wasps!

    If you head inland from the coast, make sure you have your lightest wheels on, lots of elevation up to amazing views for example in Ravello.

    It can also get very hot, 38C is not uncommon.

    Very, very beautiful though. A place I will definitely return to.
  • BannoBanno Posts: 63
    Thanks very much.
    A few of my routes are more inland as to avoid that road, and yes I can see from the route there is LOTS of climbing!!
  • Thick MikeThick Mike Posts: 337
    Cycling that road would be amazing if it was quiet, but it is very busy and in many places 15cm from the edge is primary position. Best way to marvel at the views is from a coach. Those drivers are incredible, just try not to look out of the front if you are of a nervous disposition.
  • PhilPubPhilPub Posts: 229
    I've actually RUN the road from Positano to Sorrento and remember thinking it would be lovely to ride on. Traffic was light, and I did see a small number of cyclists out. However, as I recall I caught one of the first buses of the day out from Sorrento to Positano, to avoid running in the midday heat. So maybe this was before the tour coaches were hitting the roads, which I can imagine would make for potentially hairy moments on the twisty roads. Lovely bit of coastline though.
  • herb71herb71 Posts: 253
    Just got back from a week in Sorrento, visited Positano by ferry and came back via bus. The roads around there are crazy. Very busy, mopeds everywhere seemingly obeying rules only known to themselves. We did see a lot of cyclists though, and most of the traffic gave them respect and space. Given the traffic, you'll probably be faster on a cycle anyway.

    Be careful on the downhill bends, as stated above, you're likely to come round the corner to the sight of 2 coaches trying to squeeze past each other.

    Have a nice time.
  • pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264
    Driven it a few times - my advice would be go very early in the morning.
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