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K Edge mount compatibility.

trivial_poursuivanttrivial_poursuivant Posts: 1,136
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I have been using a K Edge XL mount for my Garmin without issue for a while and decided to get a combo mount so I can put my GoPro on the bottom. Issue I have now is that there is no screw sized holes to connect it. If I remove the inner plastic bit that is the part the Garmin sits in I have 2 small screw holes that it sits in at the 12 & 6 o'clock positions , but the other two holes are much larger and not threaded. Am I missing something or are K Edge selling incompatible items? I could buy an XL with the combo but that costs over £50. I would have thought I had just bought that but in 2 parts and it would be complete but it's not. Anyone have the XL combo and know if I am missing something?


  • dhungerfdhungerf Posts: 65
    I modified mine, maybe you could do the same. I purchased a "Gopro to Tripod adapter" Link below. I disassembed the Garmin mount and drilled a hole in the center of the back with clearence for a 1/4-20 flat head screw. I also put a bit of double sided tape at the interface. It all fit back together with room to spare. Works fine. ... ro-mounts/
  • Just an update on the issue.

    K Edge tell me that the reason it won't accept the combo is that my version ( Garmin sports) can't take the weight of both a Garmin and a camera. I smell something there! Apparently the aero combo can which is almost identical except for being about half a centimetre shorter in length but the XL will fall to bits. I don't mind the non compatibility issue so much. But when someone is telling you utter bull just to fob you off I feel aggrieved. Bad show from K Edge this time.
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