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SacredSacred Posts: 3
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I myself am fine, I've got a custom build hardtail I bought for a good price. Fox forks, good frame, all XT/Hope.
I've got my mate into MTB and he says he's happy to spend £700-£1000 on a bike. And preferably on finance. What would you lot suggest? I know a bit about the good brands but what would you guys think would be good? Some sort of high end hardtail?

Let me know.


  • Uber_PodUber_Pod Posts: 110
    First thing is what does he want to use it for?
  • SacredSacred Posts: 3
    Uber_Pod wrote:
    First thing is what does he want to use it for?
    XC, bit of trails. Bike parks. That sort of thing.
  • phil485phil485 Posts: 348
    Watching with interest.
    Looking to replace my Marin Hawkhill for similar use, similar budget
  • phil485phil485 Posts: 348
    Pretty sad this thread has gone nowhere.
    Talk to me about road bikes and I am happy chatting all day.

    Get really lost in the world of the mtb.
    So many different types and uses, i dont even know what i need to start looking for.

    The Marin was bought off ebay on a whim and ive enjoyed swinley and new forest fire roads etc on it.

    I fancy something newer and will probably pass the marin on to the eldest.

    Will be used on camping holidays in france or new forest etc so fire roads and paths. Cannock chase is now my closest trail centre and may go a couple of times a year.

    Pretty certain a hard tail would be best as i will be climbing and pootling arou d on raods but how else do i narrow it down??
  • batmobatmo Posts: 277
    You could look at some reviews, I've even done some filtering for you. :)
    Viscount Grand Touring - in bits
    Trek ZX6500 - semi-retired
    HP Velotechnik Spirit
    Brompton M6
    Specialized Camber Comp
  • In the next few weeks I will be selling my bird zero tr in large. Full xt and rockshox pikes 130.
    If anyone's interested get in touch.

    Once bird let me know when my aeris will be ready I will be making a thread.

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