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Norco Search Rohloff conversion...?

IanTrcpIanTrcp Posts: 761
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Would it be possible to convert my Norco Search to use a Roholff hub? Is there anyone here who has converted a similar thru-axle roadbike? Or can anyone recommend a mechanic/workshop with Rolloff expertise who might be able to help?

The frame has a 142x12 rear axle setup: ... c-ultegra/

Here's a Rohloff A12-142: ... index.html

The Rolloff page says that "Installation of a SPEEDHUB A12 version can however only be guaranteed upon completion of a special dropout measurement process by a local bicycle retailer using our A12 measurement kit (available on loan from our distributors).This additional step is unfortunately critical to ensure we supply the correct custom machined reduction sleeves and spacers (adapters) required for the safe integration of the SPEEDHUB 500/14 into a thru-axle frame."

Thoughts/ideas all welcomed! Thank you in advance.


  • Did you also read this: "A12 SPEEDHUB models can only be supplied upon receipt of 3 documents completed during a special dropout measurement procedure. Our distributors or service partners will be able to supply the special A12 measurement kit for this purpose upon request." So they won't even supply the hub until they have confirmation that it will fit the frame.

    Can't help with recommending a suitable shop/mechanic. SJS Cycles sell a fair amount of Rohloff stuff. Maybe contact them to find out...
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