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What setting am I missing on my Garmin 1000 for Navigation on Saved Routes

Cardinal-RedCardinal-Red Posts: 37
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I have a Garmin 1000 and have some historic rides that I want to use to measure improvements in speed etc.

I chose "Where to" then "Courses" then picked the ride I wanted, and off I went. However i noticed there was no navigation happening at all, and when I drifted off the route (I missed a turn) it simply told me I was off course.

My normal screens were there; however I've only ever used the round trip routing feature. Normal screen is 2 data screens but when a turn is upcoming it switches to the map and shows me which way. This didn't happen on the route.

For completeness, the course was recorded on the same Garmin unit.

Is there a setting I have missed; I am particularly worried because I have some events coming up with GPX files that I need to upload, and want to make sure that I can follow the route on my unit.


  • Did the historic rides provide turn-by-turn directions when you originally followed a course (if you did at all)?

    GPX courses do not provide TBT directions - you need TCX files for this.
  • Hi - no it didn't because each was with a more experienced rider so I just followed them.

    Is there a way to get a TCX file from these rides?
  • mike1-2mike1-2 Posts: 456
    Yeah go on your Garmin Connect or Strava (if you use it) go to the ride you want, download the .gpx file for it then send it to your Edge in the newfiles folder. Job's a good 'un.
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