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Rear hub identification

bobbydigitalbobbydigital Posts: 254
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This came off of my boardman comp, not sure on the year, it's the white frame with lime green comp writing, maybe 2011/12? the free hub needs replacing as the bearings slip when you pedal but I have no idea what brand or model the hub is or which free hub is needed. I did look but couldn't find anything about what hubs they used, maybe formula at the time but wasn't certain

I have some xm319 disc rims with deore xt front hub and wanted to run this on the rear if it's decent, but who knows, I certainly don't.

The free hub undoes with an 11mm allen key and has 10 ridges that slot in to the hub.



  • That's a formula hub, the freehub you need is listed under loads of different names but the easiest one to find is the name giant use on the ones the use (that are the same) is FH04 fairly common and are about £15/20 depending where you get it from.
  • Thanks for that, I couldn't find any markings on the outer body or anything inside.

    Is it a hub worth rebuilding? I could get a xt deore for £33 new for example and the cheapest freehub I've found is £20.

    Trying to build nice wheels for as little as possible.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    A new XT is a decent choice, but 99% you'll need new spokes as well, unless the flanges are identical which is unlikely.
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  • I don't have any spokes yet, I don't know what length to buy. I got the rims and the front xt deore new for £25, just have to add my own rear hub and spokes. XT it will be then.

    Will keep the formula hub for some cheaper rims.
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