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Giant Defy 2-2017 vs Felt Z5 - 2016 - vs Focus Cayo 7 - 2016

ruarmaniruarmani Posts: 3
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Hello to everyone, I am pleased to join your community.

It has taken me a while before I decided to post here. I have done so much reading and researching that it made more confused and puzzled. I am not new to riding, have been riding since childhood and feel very confident on any bike. But finally decided to go road biking and looking for a bike. I have come down to three endurance bikes that I am looking at, but still can not decide which way to go. Mainly I will be doing long distances for fitness myself or with friends, night join the club later. Not sure if I will ever ride in wet, unless I happen to be in a wrong place in a wrong time.

I am considering:
Giant Defy 2, 2017 - ... 32/100727/
the guy gives me a deal and sell it for CAD$ 2050
Color either red/black or black/white/blue, red is matt, b/w/b is gloss
Two others are 2016 and on sale:
Felt Z5 ltd, 2016 - ... /Z/z5.aspx
here is the exact color - ... -15639.htm
the store has it on sale for CAD$ 1600
Focus Cayo 7, 2016 - ... -15-49102/
store has it on sale for CAD$ 1700

All bikes have got 105 group sets. Giant has got disc brakes. I have always liked Giants, but I am not sure if I should spend extra $450? I read so much information about disc brakes/rim brakes, I don't even know what to think. One thing though, I might want to put 28 tires. They will fit Giant no problem, even 30 from what I read. Felt and Focus have got 25c and there is not much of a clearance for 28.

I tried to do some riding, but it is really cold here in Canada. All feel fine as I never ridden proper road bikes, only cross road ones.

Please let me know what you think. I would highly appreciate your advises.


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,152
    If you want to fit 28c tyres, not convinced you could fit 30c to the Defy, maybe at the rear, though I think you may struggle with the fork clearances, then you have answered your own question and should get the Defy. I have a Aluxx Defy and like the stable geometry and comfort, the carbon bikes are supposed to be even more comfortable.

    I will let others fly the flag for your other two choices.
  • JesseDJesseD Posts: 1,961
    I have a Z75 (alu version of the Z5) and you would struggle to fit 28c tyres on the front as it has very little fork clearance, that said mine is very comfortable with 25c's on and with an alu seatpost!

    If you are sold on 28c's then i would say the Giant will be the best/your only choice of the 3
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  • I have got convinced on Focus Cayo. Guys in the shop were very nice and went a good distance to make me buy the Focus. They changed the cassette from 11-28 to 11-32, changed the brakes from Focus to 105, we checked the 28th if they would fit and they did perfectly well. We could even get 30s in, but it would be tight. So they put Contis 4000 in. I only had to pay for upgrading the tires. Spent a lot of time on the fitting stand and they were very particular about the fit. They are going to do some adjustments. I haven't picked the bike up yet, waiting for pedals to come in.
    The funny thing is, that a friend of mine, former pro, who I spoke just today, said: "Hm, I would have gone for Giant, not so keen on Focus, With you back and knee issues, you might regret you got Focus. A little stiffer frame and lower posture". Oh well, I will try and see. I wish I could speak with him earlier, but he was not available.
  • Hello

    I have had a Focus Cayo for four years and not had any comfort problems with it , got 25mm on mine , reckon 28's would make it very nice to ride.

    Done London to Paris on it , Wales , Prudential London ride on it and felt ok every time afterwards.

    In fact sold other bikes I bought after and kept this as my favourite go to ride.
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