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Cycleops Fluid 2? Cant get enough ressistance

FikFikFikFik Posts: 5
Anyone uses Cycleops Fluid 2 for training?
I just bought one used from ebay, and i cant get enough resistance from it
Before i get the trainer, i thought that i can simulate a hill climb with it (like grinding up steep hill at 60rpm cadence)

Cant get enough resistance from the thing
I tried using 42 in front and 11 in rear and i can hold 80 rpm cadence for more than 10 mins, which i shouldnt be able to, im not that strong
Tried to do several 30 second sprint on heaviest gear, it was too easy compared to static bike on the gym
I already let the fluid warms up for more than 30 mins before i shift to heaviest gear.

Is my trainer defective?
Any experience?


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Quick google

    -"You have pulled the lever up haven't you? You can adjust the resistance by twisting the yellow lever round which either pushes or pulls the roller closer/further away from the tyre, then when the bike is installed, pull the lever up and you're good to go. 2
  • Have you turned the yellow dial till it clicks? This sets the correct rear tire contact. I have one and have never run out of resistance.
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  • You're a pro and should do cyclisting for a living.

    I got 1200w out of it last year before changing for something else.
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