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New Hybrid Bike - £200 - "love the halfords elyse"

wolfsbane2kwolfsbane2k Posts: 3,019
edited December 2016 in MTB buying advice
Sorry, know this isn't really the right section ;)

OH has decided to get a bike, and on a trip to Halfrauds she's fallen in love with the apollo elyse: ... ybrid-bike

Wondering if anyone else has a better value for money at this price point?

It's a weekend family ride bike, gravel paths the worst it'll handle. - max 4 miles, at slow, slow pace ( for a few years anyway)

Intent on Cycling Commuting on a budget, but keep on breaking/crashing/finding nice stuff to buy.
Bike 1 (Broken) - Bike 2(Borked) - Bike 3(broken spokes) - Bike 4( Needs Work) - Bike 5 (in bits) - Bike 6* ...


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