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TT / Triathlon Bike - Canyon Speedmax CF 9.0?

tubsolardtubsolard Posts: 150
edited December 2016 in Road buying advice
Looking for a Triathlon bike to also use for Time Trial.

Budget is as much as I can convince the missus to allow me to spend but struggling to find a good priced aero TT/Triathlon bike that also comes with Deep-Section rims as I don't want to buy a bike then have to spend on a set of wheels (as seems to be the case for the bottom-mid range TT/Triathlon bikes).

I've landed so far on the Canyon Speedmax CF 9.0 which is probably absolute top end budget at £2650 - not even sure I can justify this yet but to me this is ideal as it appears to be a superb set up which doesn't seem to require any later upgrades.

Anyone got any advise on the bike above? Is it worth paying an extra £350 for the Reynolds Rims on the CF 9.0 SL?

Are there any other bikes in or under this price range that come complete with aero rims?


Cannondale Super Six Evo
Cannondale Slice Aero


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