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Waterproof Saddle Bag to take iPhone 6/7

dork_knightdork_knight Posts: 405
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I currently use an Ortlieb Micro Saddle Bag for my commute, this takes my iPhone 4s (in a case), fitbit, ID badge, folded paper work and a bunch of keys;

The phone has started to do odd things so an iPhone 7 (not the Plus) has been ordered so I'm in search for a replacement saddle bag, the Ortlieb Saddle Bag Medium looks like it might do the job but it looks massive; ... ag-review/

Does anyone use this bag (Small or Medium) with an iPhone 6/7 (or similar sized device) and if so how do you find the fit and also happy with alternative waterproof recommendations?

Thank You
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Just put the phone in a ziploc sandwich bag. Or get a waterproof phone.
  • animal72animal72 Posts: 251
    Isn't the iSheep 7 waterproof?
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  • topeak all weather tri bag ( they also do a drybag version too ) is my choice of hiding spot for my phone ( Galaxy S6 ) snug fit when its in its case mind lol - also comes in handy for payment card/some cash too as well as other small odds n sods i cant be bothered having in my pockets when going to work - some care to be taken though as not sure if the side pockets are as water resistant as the main centre pocket where i stash the phone )

    I fit the bag under the front of the saddle instead of the more usual behind the stem part of the top tube & leave the saddlebag to carry the cycling related stuff ( tube/patches/tools etc )

    the ziplock bag also works well if you have a location that will safely carry the phone thats not water tight already ( i use this method when walking the dogs if it looks like it may rain during the walk as my pocket aint waterproof for more than a couple of minutes, less if its a good downpour lol - cost me 69p for 25 bags, also been able to use the phone for internet/txt's without removing it from its bag too, even the fingerprint unlock worked which i was suprised by )
  • I'll take a look at the Topeak, thanks.

    Having everything in a saddle bag makes my OCD more manageable, not so much so when in jersey pockets.
    The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devil's own satanic herd.
  • smudgeriismudgerii Posts: 125
    Quad lock phone mount comes with a waterproof cover. Very solid fitting
  • keep an eye out on halfords and amazon for the tribags if you do think it may be a solution for you.

    i got a few from halfords for about £7 each ( normally about £15 - think they were price matching someone ) & also a few more later from amazon as addon items for the sum of £3.13 each ( yes thats right, they also had the Topeak RC1 / RC11 road mudguard sets for something silly like £6.79 or something which saved me buying the RC11 on its own for nearly double that from everywhere else )
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