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Used cube HPA race. Good for a "beginner"?

RaleRale Posts: 3
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Hi guys,

For 3 years every weekend i used to do some light trails with a 2012 gt agressor (hardtail) but then I moved to switzerland, and here is filled with mountains. So i went to one of these mountains and rented a full suspension bike and spent the hole day there. It was amazing. So i decide to buy a used bike and found a "Cube Stereo HPA Race 2012" selling for 700 bucks. I was amazed due to the low price. Apart for a small dent, the bike looks like new.
So i got two questions.

Should i get a crosscountry full first or is no problem for me to get used to this bike?

Isthe bike worth it?

I know. The rules tells me not to ask this kind of questions, but the thing is, i do not know any sites of those.
Another problem is that the frame has a small dent. How much value does the bike lose because of this?

Thanks for the help. :D2yj3ST.jpgvpoIVd.jpg


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