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Perfect rear spoke tension ratio

mr_evilmr_evil Posts: 234
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I was looking at hubs to build new wheels recently, using rims with an offset spoke bed. One of the hubs I considered was the American Classic 255, which has an unusually wide DS flange spacing, and an unusually narrow NDS flange spacing. Combined with a 2.6mm rim offset, the spocalc spreadsheet reckoned the spoke tension ratio would be 102% - actually slightly higher tension on the NDS than the DS.

In the end I decided not to use that hub because of reports that the 6-bolt disc mount was weak, but it made me curious if anyone has built wheels with those hubs and asymmetric rims, or any other combination of 11-speed rear hub and rim that yields near 1:1 tension ratio?


  • No, but narrowing the spacings to achieve equal tension just results in a weaker wheel with poor bracing angles... it's not worth it. I've never had a tension problem in disc wheels, possibly the wider hub (135 mm spacings) allows to get decent angles and decent tensions too
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