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Quick question about suspension

Mattcurrie93Mattcurrie93 Posts: 49
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Quick question about sus.

Low travel is better for uphill and long travel is better for down?
Would a 160 Travel be a pain to cycle up hill?
Been looking at a cube stereo 160 2016 ... _84831.htm



  • FishFishFishFish Posts: 2,152
    I don't think that you can compare them. After all you are going to come down the hill that you go up and so that ought to be the criteria for suspension. If it is a long gentle forest track as opposed to an extended black route then those will predetermine the type of suspension you need. If you can switch off - ie lock out your suspension then it will make the ascent easier as will the overall weight of the bike and yourself.
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  • So 160mm travel would be good for the decents but also good on the incline?
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,720
    The more suspension the more effort you have to put into pedalling uphill or on the flat, some suspension systems are better than others. The more travel for going downhill the nicer and easier it should be, but again some systems work better than others and they will all need setting up pressure, rebound etc to suit the conditions an the rider. The thing you have to ask yourself is where abouts am I going to ride, 120/140mm travel is good for most trail centres unless intending to start doing serious jumps and stuff like that. One of the the best suspension systems about is giants Maestro system.
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  • Sweet! Nice one!
  • I only have 120mm of travel,... it's usually locked out! (It's there if I want it)

    As mentioned above, make sure you spec your bike to your riding style & environment.
  • Downhill is more dependent on geometry than suspension travel. I used to ride double black trails on my Transition Scout which had 120mm rear suspension. I've just changed to a Transition Patrol which has 160mm and it definitely takes more effort up hill. The extra suspension helps in big rock gardens and over big jumps when I land badly.
    The extra suspension also helps with carrying more speed on descents but it's not a huge amount.
    The Cube isn't a great bike, I think my mate kept his for three months and spent a fortune on suspension tuning to try to get it working properly before he replaced it with a Giant Reign
  • My new 140 HPA Race arrives on Friday. All the reviews I've read are positive more or less.
  • POAHPOAH Posts: 3,369
    My new 140 HPA Race arrives on Friday. All the reviews I've read are positive more or less.

    unless the reviews where done by RMSC or his mates I'd ignore them
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