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TCTP FTP Timing and new Cycle

iFreedomiFreedom Posts: 17
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Hi All, I posted this at the roadbike forum but thought I would try here as this forum seems to get more traffic.

I’ve read in general timing around ftp testing and it looks like every 4 or 5 weeks people do the testing especially during build phase. But, for myself, I’ve just completed a full TCTP cycle and extended to 12 weeks with my final race this weekend at which point I’ll back off and follow his mtc program for 4 and maybe up to 6 weeks before starting again.

He also says to re-do the ftp test a few days before starting the program again and you should see an increase in ftp from the first time you did the test – great!But, don’t you think I’ll “de-train” over 4-6 weeks and have a low ftp relative to my current ftp?

Would it be better to take next week off/really easy, then run the ftp test and use that number for when I start up again in 4-6weeks time?

FWIW, his mtc program has you riding from 20-40min a few days a week at around 80% of ftp (upper end of EM) with some SS and power intervals in weeks 4-6.

I’m just thinking that if I start the program on an ftp a few points lower then what they are today, I could miss out on a slight opportunity. Also, his program does not re-test ftp.



  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,027
    Metrics can really fog up your training ... riding
    I've had a less hectic season this year but still over 20 races.. so the season takes care of 'training' in the main.
    I really dont bother about FTP as tbh it makes sod all difference knowing what a number is for road racing.
    Its useful for setting up winter training correctly.
    Just ride and race hard whilst the sun shines.
  • iFreedomiFreedom Posts: 17
    edited September 2016
    fair enough but really i'm looking to set up ftp for training not for racing. Races are just about done around here (unless your into CX) and the way tctp works it's time to dial it back and get ready for another cycle. As such, was curious about ftp timing and what other folks do.
  • There would be little point in using a 6 week old FTP test figure when starting a new training phase.Follow the maintenance program and retest as required or you could be training in the wrong power zones.
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