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Noob building a bike - heatset problems

gorret_85gorret_85 Posts: 3
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I have a Giant defy composit 1 2013 crabon frame. Bought it off ebay and it came with giant defy 2014 carbon forks. Apparently the guy had bought these from lbs and was told they were compatible. Didnt come with a headset so i had to buy my own. Through trial and error found i needed a 1 1/8 for the top and 1 1/4 for the botton. When i came to fit them i couldnt get the bottom crown race on. Naturally i thought id bought the wrong size again, but after a bit more research it looks like it dosent need one, that the taperd end is the integrated crown race (please correct me if im wrong). Is this common on giant defy?

After accepting this i put the rest of the headset together but after i attached the stem and checked it, everything was really stiff, definantly something wrong. Have now taken it apparently many times to check i havent got the bearings upside down, that there was no component i had fogotten to put on and everything was greased up. It looks like its something to do with the dust cap. if i put the headset together without it, it feels perfect, everything moves completly freely. With it on, its the complete opposite.

Dont understand how the dust cap could have that effect, i just used the one supplied and everything else seems fine. Any help please? or am i barking up the wrong tree, is there anything else ive missed?

Thanks in advance


  • neil hneil h Posts: 499
    I could be wrong as I've never dealt with the Defy but it sounds like your over tightening the top cap, so your over preloading the headset. What you want to do is assemble everything with the stem loose, then tighten the top cap bolt to remove any lateral play in the headset (but not so tight that everything goes stiff).Then whip up the stem.
  • Thanks for the reply

    Already tried that. I can not tighten ths stem at all and just tighten the top cap to the point it doesnt wobble and no more but when i tighten the stem, everything becomes stiff. Alternativly i cant tighten the stem first and its fine but then slightly tighten the top cap and its stiff again

    Could there be a problem with the star nut? does the amount of spacers have an effect? im just a bit lost
  • jermasjermas Posts: 484
    The top bearing cover that fits underneath the stem will be fouling the frame- making the steering seize. Either the top bearing cover doesn't fit your particular frame, or more likely, washers are needed between the top bearing and the top cover. Check to see if there's any clearance between the frame and bearing cover when the headset is fully fitted. Also check clearance at the lower part - between the frame and top of forks.
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