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105 & Ultegra

Sutton_RiderSutton_Rider Posts: 448
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Does anyone know. Whats the difference between an 11 speed 105 cassette, chain and rings and an Ultegra set up?
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  • feistyfeisty Posts: 153
    If you google there's loads of articles on this. And even more opinions. See: ... 5-groupset

    I have ultegra on one bike and 105 on the other. I can't honestly tell any difference at all in shifting with the latest incarnation of 105. Really I can't. 105 is less than 200g heavier so there's not even much of a weight saving. But I have ultegra on my "nice" bike just because I wanted to kit it out with nice looking stuff! (The bike is titanium and ultegra is silvery grey and kind of goes nicely with it).

    If it's for a winter bike or a commuter, I'd definitely go with 105
  • dinyulldinyull Posts: 2,962
    All in it's 200g.

    But I think had a article comparison between the 2 and a lot of the components came out at the same weight.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,362
    Basically as above have already said. Bling factor.
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