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Proform TDF Trainer - anyone used one?

bsharp77bsharp77 Posts: 533
Trying to get my training setup for autumn/winter sorted over the next month or so and looking at a static trainer for a number of reasons which I won't bore you with.

I like the wattbike, but can't justify the 2 grand price tag - and have looked at the Proform TDF bike, which is about half the price.

Its had a few different models - the new ones are apparently a lot better than the old, but actual reviews are quite thin on the ground. Doesn't look like you can use it with trainer road, but there does seem to be the ability to create your own structured workouts and it has a built in power meter, so it looks rather good in that respect.

I'd love to hear opinions from anyone who has had a chance to use the newer model.


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