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BB86 Resistance

jon33jon33 Posts: 256
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I have a Scott Foil with a BB86, I noticed when I first had the bike that the crank doesn't seem to spin freely unless a force is applied. I just assumed this was how the BB was supposed to be but then I've read that you should be able to spin the crank (without chain attached for example) and it should continue to rotate for some time. Mine doesn't do this and will stop unless a constant force is applied - do I have an issue with the BB?


  • lesfirthlesfirth Posts: 1,226
    Yes. I would not expect mine to rotate for "some time" but I would expect a few revolutions.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    I've always found that the seals on the Shimano HT2 BBs mean they don't spin freely like cranks used to in the olden days. I've a BSA threaded HT2 BB on one bike and a BB86 on the CR1. I'll drop the chains off both and see how spinny they are.

    TBH if it's a choice between better seals and lower resistance, I'll take the better seals any day
  • jon33jon33 Posts: 256
    Sorry "some time" is a bit ambiguous, more specifically it wouldn't rotate one full revolution once the force is removed from the crank. My old Spec Allez seemed to have a lot less resistance.
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