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Finding parts for a 1 1/4" steer tube

Buzz1ightyearBuzz1ightyear Posts: 2
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Hey everybody I am building up my first road bike after I found a 2013 giant defy advanced 1 carbon frame and fork for $150 on Craigslist. So Far I have gotten the bottom bracket and the local bike shop got me a headset. I'm having trouble finding a stem and headset top cap and star nut for the 1 1/4" steer tube. I found a ritchey stem on Amazon but nothing else. Yes my bike shop can order what I need but it's all giant parts. And I'd like to see if there are more options out there. Also I have only been into mountian biking so the road thing is new to me and I would love any advise on this build you can give me. Thanks guys


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