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Advice needed, new bike for son

SgraySgray Posts: 79
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Hi, my son needs a new bike. He is nearly 11 and can just about sit on my bike (16" frame 26" Wheels) We went to Halfords and he tried a Vulcan ... -bike-2015 but bike was too big. I guess it's because of the 27.5" wheels

A local shop had a Orbea MX50 in small which he tried and it was a much better fit. ... duct/64261

Is the Orbea good value, or does anyone have any other suggestions?



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Pretty horrible spec, and especially nasty forks. Heavy and undamped.

    The wheel size shouldn't make any difference to the saddle to BB length. So either the frame was too big or he's trying to reach the ground.
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I agree, is a poor spec for that cash. This money buys hydro forks and brakes, and better 8 and 9 speed groupsets. If it is the only one that fits you may have little choice - but I would bet others will with a bit of shopping around.
  • SgraySgray Posts: 79
    Cheers for the reply, the Vulcan was the 16" frame so that was the reason for the thinking that the wheel size was causing his problems with getting on the bike. The Orbea can be got from Go Outdoors for about £300 with a discount code/coupon. Which is about the max my wife wants to spend. The other bikes I had looked at are a jamis ... e-EV245350 but it looks like the only ones left are girls bikes and the Dawes ... e-EV238207

    Are either of these a better option?

    The other problem I have us that my son wants a bike with front suspension like his old one which was a Hotrock 20
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The Jamis is very similar, though has a better drivetrain and fork. To be honest, depending on how far you venture offroad, they will probably be fine - though if you plan rougher stuff, then some damping in the fork improves control and deadens the top out clunk you often get on forks on these bikes.

    The Dawes has a lesser spec and more limited gears but as above will be fine for a bit of smooth trail riding - disc brakes, however, are preferable: though the mechanical ones don't always work any better than V brakes, having disc wheels offers an easier upgrade to hydraulics.
  • SgraySgray Posts: 79
    Sorry to keep asking questions how does this bike look ... prod135376 I have joined British cycling and I think I saw a coupon for 10% off chain reaction , so would be closer to the wife's budget.

    Thanks you in advance for the advice.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 9,049
    Paulscycles website showing some 26" wheeled bikes and also showing a cube Aim in 27'5 but 14 frame. The problem is they grow up pretty quick at this age, I got mine a 24"bike last year he's 11 in July and it still fits him, he finds it easier to throw around trail centres because it's smaller and lighter. The main thing you need to ask yourself is what type of riding is it going to be used for. Pointless getting a bike that is more suited for trail centre's if it's only going to do bridal paths and school run. The forks on the vitus are coil sprung and not the best but would be ok I suppose for school run etc.
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  • SgraySgray Posts: 79
    Cheers for the heads up about Pauls Cycles, the Cube looks nice, but it is a bit too much over the £300 budget I have got from the wife. We tried him on the Carrera Blast 24" but he was too big.
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