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2016 Giant Talon 27.5 4 vs 2016 GT Avalanche Comp

ZRXZRX Posts: 11
edited July 2016 in MTB buying advice
Hey guys, im new to this forums and looking for a good piece of advice from pros. Ive decided to buy a begginer mtb for riding in a city parks and trails. My budget is $700 (canadian ) max. After doing some reserch i made a decision to buy 2016 Giant Talon 27.5 4 ... 8105-1.htm . But just before i went to to pick up a bike i found out that one of the stores around have a 2016 GT Avalanche Comp ... 7500-1.htm on discount ($250 less than regular price ) for $600 canadian, only till the end of the week. Wich bike is better considering specs and current price, and wich should i get? I only have a 2 days to decide. Will appciate any advice, and thanks in advance for your time.


  • ZRXZRX Posts: 11
    Thanks! And what size should i get? My height is 178cm (5'10") and right in between the medium and a large frame sizes, im really confused and have no idea wich size would be better. My inseam is 82 cm (32").
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    Its hard to advise on size, but personally I'd say a large would be too big.

    If you find the medium is too small you can lengthen it by swapping out the seatpost to a setback one, you can't shorten a large!
  • BriggoBriggo Posts: 3,823
    ZRX wrote:
    Hey guys, im new to this forums and looking for a good piece of advice from pros.

    You're not asking the right people.
  • ZRXZRX Posts: 11
    The Rookie wrote:
    The GT, its a bit better on just about every part.
    Thanks, i was leaning more towards GT too
  • cdbcdb Posts: 25
    I'm 5'10" with an inside leg of 32" just like you. I've been riding a 'large' GT for the last year and am finding it a bit too big. I'm looking at upgrading soon and will definitely be going for something a little smaller. I was last riding in the late 80s when we all rode larger frames. Now in my aged years I feel the pain! After being in the saddle for more than an hour and a half I start to get a mild back ache. I'm told this is common on bikes that are to big for you. I also hear smaller bikes are more manoeuvrable. That seems entirely reasonable.

    I've read a lot of advice that says always go smaller. It's easier to make a small bike bigger than trying to make a bike bike smaller. Go for the medium.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    What does large mean though? If it is where your censored sits in relation to the cranks, then a 25" frame with the saddle slammed to the minimum will put you in exactly the same position as a 13" frame with 12 inch of post showing. (if measred the same way).

    The difference is mostly in the top tube length and reach when we compare sizes for a given model. This also increases wheelbase/front centre which is why smaller frames can feel more manoeuvrerable. The headtube length usually increases too, putting the bars higher.
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