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Might have just bought a Stolen MTB

TombmTombm Posts: 10
edited June 2016 in MTB general

I was looking on gumtree in my local area for a used MTB to commute to work and university. Saw this AD that has been posted recently, a CARRERA Vengeance 2016 for £90. I know the bike specs aren't special but I thought that could be a bargain. I met him at his address (?) and the guy looked like the 90s typical 2pac wannabe. He seem'd dodgy straight away but with the idea of getting a bargain paid him and left.

I've checked the Number under the frame on bikeregister, stolen-bikes, etc and nothing show up.

He keeps posting known bike brands everyday around the £100 mark, cboardman, specialized..

What shall I do? Shall I check in the police station if any carrera vengeance is reported stolen? I lost my will of riding it with the idea of that be someone else's bike.



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