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crematorcremator Posts: 99
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Hi all so what pump do you carry when on the road bought a cheap one think it was 3_4pound went out Sunday and mate got a a puncture so got pump out screwed adapter on to pump and every time you unscrewed adapter from valve it unscrewed the valve from the tire so let all the air out so need a new pump any help please


  • dabberdabber Posts: 1,651
    I suspect your problem will be with the inner tube not the pump. Was the inner tube Continental? If it was you need to make sure that the valve core is fully tightened.
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  • andcpandcp Posts: 645
    I have two of these:
    not cheap, takes a bit of pumping to achieve very high pressure but pretty good.
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  • crematorcremator Posts: 99
    Hi yes it was a continental tube
  • trailflowtrailflow Posts: 1,311
    Also dont tighten the valve core too tight otherwise you could split the valve tube.

    Try not to tighten the pump so tight on the valve next time and it wont unscrew the valve core.

    It's not the pumps fault. :twisted:
  • mrdsgsmrdsgs Posts: 334
    use thread lock on the valve core threads and/or don't use a thread on pump on a removable valve tube. the topeak pump works very well for a push on mini pump. push on co2 is the future!!
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  • crematorcremator Posts: 99
    Hi thank U all for the quick replys looking at them looks like it could have been user error do U use a core valve tool to make sure they are tight or just fingers . Yes think I will go for a push fit pump rather than a screw on type
  • mrdsgsmrdsgs Posts: 334
    core valve tool (little plastic thing) and threadlock
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  • crematorcremator Posts: 99
    That's great thank you
  • sebbypsebbyp Posts: 106
    some screw on pumps/or their users... suck, stopped to help a random the other month and they had cross threaded the pump onto the valve and had been stuck there for 35mins! had to use two tyre levers as leverage to get the thing off. then used my lezyne micro drive to sort it for them.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,344
    hold the valve stem with pliers, use a core tool or another pair of pliers to tighten the core, then it won't come loose

    having said that, i've found the screw on heads eventually wear out, i got a push-on one as replacement, makes life simpler
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  • crematorcremator Posts: 99
    Thank you all pump ordered and a valve tool
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