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Should I go back to Heavy Hybrid

Tony Chopper-KunTony Chopper-Kun Posts: 58
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I had road bike 11.7kg with 25mm using vittoria rubino 130 psi, with 7 speed, I don't think I could use fewer teeth cog less than 14 teeth cog on flat road rarely.

and heavy hybrid bike 14.7kg (about 200g or more cut down due to replacing OEM tyre) with 42mm contact II city tyre semi slick, 85psi, with 8 speed (11 13 15 ... teeth) , plus 1kg (pannier rack / kickstand)
unlike road bike, hybrid got disc brake as well, but I would mainly use backpack instead of pannier bag

I use clipless pedal and usually ride 15mph average speed on road bike.

I haven't been using heavy bike for long time but 12mph average speed, 25% less time actually making 1hr 15 mins into less a hour. If i have 9 speed cyclocross (with 35mm fast rolling tyre on road) and disc brake, will I able to travel 15 miles in shorter time?


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    On topic...(I think), my CX bike is 12.5 kg and I'm only marginally slower on this than my other road bikes, as its heavier. I would suggest a cross bike would be similar to your road bike, with the hybrid suffering due to both its weight and the position. A cross bike gives you a similar (or in fact same) position as the road bike, its just a bit heavier, so would be a bit slower.
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