Spectating at the Steel City DH 2016

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Thinking of going this year. Anybody been before? Any recommendation on where to view, what to take, facilities there?


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    Grenoside village is about 15-20mins walk from the top of the run.
    It's about 20mins walk for me but I always seem to be working when it's on.
  • Park up at Grenoside and wander down then. Is it well signed?
  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,889
    Parking in Greno village is non existent at the best of times and when the SCDH is on I'd think damn near impossible!
    According to this:-
    There's food/drink at the bottom of the run this year.
    If you are driving to the race you must park in our official car park. Parking anywhere else, in the public greno car park or on the road, jeopardises the running of the race on the day and in future. Please be responsible. Parking is in Farmer Jack’s field, at Hall Head Farm on Woodhead Road, the entrance will be clearly marked. It is marked on the map above by the car the closest postcode is S35 7DS but dont rely on it for a Sat Nav. Do not try to come in to the exit, marked with a man, it is a one way system.

    Parking is £3 per vehicle and offsets the loss of earnings from hay from damage to the grass in the field. The car park opens at 7am it will close for entry at 3pm. Please remove your car as soon as possible after the race.
    Looks like they open up a field specifically for parking not far from the small car park used for Greno/Wharncliff Woods 8)
  • Thanks very much for that. Don't want to be the one who parks wrong and ballses it up for everyone else! :oops:
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