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Watching Flèche Wallonne & L-B-L

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I'm toying with the idea of a trip to Belgium at the end of April to coincide with the final two races of the Classics season, so I'm looking for some comments from anyone who might have attended one or both of these races before...

It would be me and a non-cycling wife, travelling by car... she would put up with watching the racing (she might even enjoy it) as long as there is plenty of food and drink available at each, and there is enough to keep us occupied for the 3 days in between races. Liège has never looked particularly appealing from the race footage but I am prepared to believe there must be hidden charms and hopefully a nice old centre. We're not looking for loads of sightseeing as such, but a good selection of restaurants/bars/cafés and general "city life" is important. A quick look on Airbnb reveals an interesting choice of accommodation, so that's promising. From looking at the map it seems at least one of the in-between days could be used for a trip into Holland and/or Germany. Is there anywhere else worth visiting in the region?

Any comments/suggestions/tips/dos/don'ts would be much appreciated... thanks in advance


  • nickicenickice Posts: 2,439

    I live in Northern France and have cycled a bit in the area as well as watching La Fleche Wallone on le Mur d'Huy. I don't know Liege but, from what I've heard, there isn't much to see outside the centre. However there are lots of small towns in the area that are well worth a visit. Aside from Huy itself, there's also Dinant and, a personal favourite, La Roche en Ardenne. You've also got Monschau (very beautiful) in Germany and even Aachen. There's plenty to do, see, eat and drink in these areas, and I'd recommend them.
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