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Proviz Switch Jacket

evs78evs78 Posts: 133
edited February 2016 in Road buying advice
Thinking of buying one of the above for a mix of commuting and early morning / early evening riding and wanted to see if anyone has any experience of one? I have seen the 360 jacket and it lights up in the dark but looks a bit dull in more dusky conditions so the switch seems to solve that potential issue.

Particularly interested in what the material is like (I didn't get on with the night vision jacket I tried or the endura thermolite jacket) and what the fit is like.

Thanks in advance.
All the gear and no idea...


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    I've seen the jacket out on a dull winters day. With the sun streaming into a dark cafe it was amazing. But out on the road. A grey jacket on a grey Road. Was rubbish.

    Personally I'd go for a jacket that is both fluo and reflective. You don't need a huge amount of both to be visible.

    What would you do on early rides that start in the dark and finish after dawn? Stop and reverse the jacket?
  • Might wanna look at the sugoi zap jacket? (think thats what its called). Basically the same thing but comes in brighter colours
  • Assuming you tried the normal boil in the bag night vision evo commuter type jacket?
    I've just got one of these: ... oof-jacket, and it's brilliant.

    Enough hi viz but not too much, plenty of reflectives for after dark, great close fit but enough room to layer up, breathable, waterproof, windproof, packable.

    Got mine for around £60 from millets on amazon
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