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Upgrades or new bike

christeefurchristeefur Posts: 15
edited January 2016 in MTB buying advice

I have an oldish Scott aspen pro spec. 2005ish. Judy tt's, deore groupset.
Now it needs a little TLC, freewheel is knackered possibly knew cassette and crankset too they look pretty well worn now.
Question is whether I am better off investing into a new bike or just upgrading some bits. I've got about £500 at the moment.

Any thoughts?



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,600
    What sort of stuff do you plan to ride?
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  • I have a plan to be doing the malverns later in the year....
    But it will be doing lots of pottering about with the family too.

  • The other question I guess is should I be thinking about changing the forks too...any thoughts really appreciáted.
  • RiggaRigga Posts: 939
    Apply man maths and get new bike. :D
  • How in love with the frame and geometry are you?
  • I like the man maths equation but would like it more if it magically doubled my budget for free :)

    Geometry I like the bike a lot. And I have a healthy disregard for my abilities, so any technical flaws I usually put down to my own inadequacies.

    I guess what I am asking is whether the 10year old Scott is a better combo when beefed up, than a modern 500quidder. I have been out of the loop of bike technology so being lazy I thought I would ask you wise folk.


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,600
    edited January 2016
    I'm very much the wrong person to ask as I don't actually have any new bikes, and rarely spend much on the ones I have. I have a large stock of random bits though, so build up stuff I want or need or whatever. My son also likes making rubbishy bikes, so some of these are kind of shared projects - we use what we need.

    But if it gives you a bit of inspiration...


    My beloved 1996 Kona Explosif, used a lot - this is last Sunday after nasty mud.


    My partner's 1992 Marin Palisades Trail, even the tyres are original - just changed grips, pedals, and lady saddle fitted. And some smiley face dust caps. She was a dirty girl too.


    The previous Sunday in the snow. 2000 ish Azonic DS1, very non original. Just bought some period 2001 Marzocchi MCR Z.1 110mm - 130mm forks though, which should arrive this week.


    2006 Specialised Enduro, with chunky forks and DH wheels, for my more gnarly moments. Up in SH a few weeks ago.


    Daily commuter. 1995 Kona Hahanna.


    2008 Kona Four Deluxe on Holmbury Hill, now sadly in pieces waiting for me to change the pivot bearings, and a 2006? Kona Caldera singlespeeded with awesome orange tyres. Now has some better Fox forks after the Toras kind of exploded after an unexpected drop.


    Diamondback Ascent turned into a SS drop bar frankenbike. Chain tensioner now fitted which makes it actually rideable.


    2008? Nicolai, actually my sons, picked up for £1050 last year. Too much bike for me.


    1987 Specialised Rockhopper, still on original hubs, cassette, mighty Biopace chainrings, with awesome Girvin Flexstem, for softies who can't handle rigid. Now mainly parked up.


    Bunch of stuff lying around while the conservatory gets tidied up. Couple of old road bikes as well, a 90s steel Carrera and a mid 2000's Alloy Trek.

    I do ride modern bikes, and they are very good, but as an overweight, elderly person who rides like a censored , I manage with my toys.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    I fall into the triggers broom camp, see links in my sig to my Niota and pensioned off Kraken, both are 2006 frames that were built up into fresh and modern bikes (geo on short travel hasn't changed like it has on longer travel bikes).

    I also have a 1997 Fuju Nevada rigid with Biopace rins for smoother summer jaunts and my son has a Scott genius RC20 (link also in sig).

    Other than tapered steerers and through axles my old frames can be anything a modern equivalent frame can be.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,600
    Judy TTs were a bit rubbish, undamped, or not much, but pretty solid. I'd look at a decent second hand set of forks, new cranks, chain etc, and you could have a decent bike for £150-£200.

    ps Have a set of well used, slightly blown up Toras going cheap.....
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,600
    Nice set of air Bombers for £50 ... 9&t=340370

    I almost bought them a few times, but have enough censored lying around.
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