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Car hire at Nice

Brian1Brian1 Posts: 595
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Looking at taking the bike to Nice in July. I am hiring a car for 2 weeks . It is really expensive but a company called Thrifty are coming up cheapest. Anyone any experience of them. Thanks in advance


  • Depending on where you are staying you might not need a car. Nice Airport is very near Nice and there is good bus and train services along the coast. For hiring cars I always use, they are a broker but they are usually the cheapest, I have used them more than a dozen times without problem.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    You can even walk into Nice from the airport. If you're in Nice itself I'd bin the car and cycle. Bus from airport to town is about 2 euro. Taxi about 30 or more. Ripoff !
  • lakesludditelakesluddite Posts: 1,331
    Regarding getting to Nice from the airport; I think it depends on the time of day you are arriving. With all that bulk (assuming bike and a fortnights worth of luggage) the bus might be a little crammed - they are cheap and therefore very popular at certain times of the day and it can be a crush at times. Not sure if you'd be able to get a bike box on there at busier times.
    The train, as has been said, is also an option but there in no station at the airport, the nearest train station (St Augustin) is about a 15-20 minute walk away, and with the temperatures at that time of year would be a warm walk!
    Last year we walked from the airport to our apartment, which was only about 2km from the airport, but given the temperatures we were pretty 'glowing' by the time we arrived, and we only had a rucksack each. And this was after sunset, around 8pm.

    I've no experience with hire cars, but then again we didn't want to leave the area that much, and when we did we got the (excellent) train (to Antibes etc). It's a fantastic train line, all along the coast to Marseille, or the other way to over the Italian border (via Monaco). I do drive but I don't particularly like driving, so I always appreciate the time not having to.

    So all in all I've been no real use regarding hiring a car! Enjoy Nice, it's a great place.
  • Brian1Brian1 Posts: 595
    Thanks for the replies. I am there for 2 weeks so would like to do a bit of exploring hence the car hire!
  • Hi, i have rented a car with Thrifty several times with no problems. they are owned by Hertz.So you should have no worries.
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