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Is there even a hint of justification I can use to buy a...?

PostieJohnPostieJohn Posts: 1,105
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Ha the whole title doesn't fit so now I've got you, you might as well answer.

... Unicycle?

Ok so my nose is a normal colour, my feet are a normal size.
As a rule my car stays in one piece, and I tend not to throw confetti over people.
I'm certainly not 'extrovert'.
I shudder at the prospect of being different.

And yet, I kind of have an itch for a unicycle.
Within our weekly routines there's even a perfect time and place to use one, when I bike just won't do and I'm left behind on foot. (kids on other wheeled toys)

Please Bracketeers tell me unicycling is actually a good thing, and 'G' does it all winter, as part of his TdF training.


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