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His Own Thread....

debelidebeli Posts: 583
edited December 2015 in The cake stop
He deserves his own thread because he is.... Well, he just does.

Anyway, he has been sacked.

There must be a replacement. Somebody who can avoid relegation and aspire to the Champions' League...

Pulis? No. Too settled at WBA. Likewise Allardyce... too settled at Sunderland.

Sherwood? I would. I'm not sure Roman would. Maybe a little green still...

Who else?

Drogba? Why not?

Terry, Lampard, Vialli (again), Gullit? di Matteo... (but what did he ever win them?) Zola?

Donald Trump? Worth a go and I'm not sure the POTUS thing will swing his way.

A caller from Radio 5 Live's Six-o-Six? These seem to be the real experts and I think Roman should give one of them a go. They do seem to know their stuff.

Failing the above.... who?

I am a Gooner and have nothing invested in the decision, but I do find myself amused at the choices available.

My money is on Trump or a 606 caller.
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