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An interesting combination

j_mcdj_mcd Posts: 473
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First venture over here, I usually live on the Road section. I'm looking to get a new mountain bike, standard hardtail with a reasonable spec but nothing too serious (I'm in Surrey not downhilling in the alps) and have a budget of about a grand (but will go a bit higher or lower). I've not owned a mountain bike in about 10 years so I have no idea about suitable forks and whether I should be going carbon or Alu.

Thing is, I'd like to be able to put a childs seat on it as well so I can take the boy to nursery without using the car. So, I guess it needs all the requisite eyelets etc that you attach a seat with.

Does this even exist or am I going to have to get a boring hybrid for child transporting duties and stick to the road at the weekend?!
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