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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Common problem.

    Well sad news, the shop in Sweden is closing. Or might even be closed now.
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  • BikingBobBikingBob Posts: 77
    nicklouse wrote:
    Common problem.

    Well sad news, the shop in Sweden is closing. Or might even be closed now.

    This is sad news indeed!
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  • EselarEselar Posts: 3
    I also discovered this


    anyone that has used it will know what I am on about.

    Electrical contact cleaner is great for reviving sticking trigger shifts!
  • EselarEselar Posts: 3
    Time for a new chain maybe?
  • sb88sb88 Posts: 37
    Hmmm. I agree that some of these bodges are cringeworthy/embarrassing/amusing and it is rubbish that we live in a world where people will spend thousands of pounds on a car and baulk at a few hundred a year in maintaining their bike, and assume that fixing bikes is easy/unskilled. But do these people know that you've put pictures of their bikes online for our amusement? I'm not trying to start an argument but as someone getting into the bike industry, I've been put off in the past by the way some bike shops / mechanics speak to/about customers who bring rubbish bikes in...
  • sb88sb88 Posts: 37
    E.g. the tyre bulge / wheel truing mishap above - I've done that when I had a tyre not seated right in the rim, but with no reflective strip / markings making it obvious that this was the problem - and it was just a learning point for me that I can pass on to others...
  • sb88sb88 Posts: 37
    Aaaagh. And the 'no comment' photo of the bike with loads of stem spacers on his steering column: loads of low and mid-range road and some mountain bikes nowadays copy pro-geometry with low front ends, despite the fact that most people aren't using them for racing, and even if they are, they probably also commute, etc on them. We could all laugh at this guy, or we could ask the industry to stop flogging inappropriately proportioned bikes for the general public and shops to stop selling bikes that don't fit.

    And re sending a student home because there was nothing for them to do - It might have been useful to just let them watch and learn, providing they don't interfere - something I'm really grateful my lbs lets me do. They're still learning workplace skills - to turn up on time, pay attention, etc - if nothing else. I need to stop reading this thread...
  • I need to stop reading this thread...
    .....I think you do!
  • To sb88, all industries have their forums where they can blow off some steam, car mechanics, IT workers and as I recently discovered doctor. But we are all smart enough not to use real names or location.. Venting is what is - human nature.
    Stay positive people :)
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