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Tyre choice?? And tubeless maintenance

JGTRJGTR Posts: 1,404
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Hi, relative newbie here, searched but still confused :?

Currently have Spec Ground Control tyres on my 2013 Spec Camber - I'm riding mainly XC in Essex - trails, footpaths, , grass and muddy paths.

Is it worth changing to winter tyres? If so can anyone recommend a reasonably priced 29" tubeless tyre? I'm not good enough to notice the small differences in tyres so just a well known reliable winter tyre.

Also, my wheels are tubeless.....what maintenance should I be doing? I changed fluid and cleaned rims/tyres at beginning of this season, do I need to replace valves/Tim tape or anything else???



  • WindyGWindyG Posts: 1,099
    Only worth changing tyres if you feel your current ones arn't good enough, I keep the same tyres on all year Ron/Ralph unless it's really bad mud and I'll swap to a Geax Gato on the front and a Ron on the back.

    Tubeless maintenance is pretty much what you have done, clean, check everything I find the odd thorn or two. If the valves were working then no need to change same with tape.
  • lostboysaintlostboysaint Posts: 4,369
    How muddy? If it's really muddy then yes, change to a Storm Control or XR Mud (Bontrager), if not then stick with what you have. You WILL notice the difference if it's muddy and you change! Storm Controls are about £20 each.

    Just change the fluid and get rid of any "stringy" bits around the rim (a general tidy up), other than that a bit of new sealant and whack it them back on!
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  • JGTRJGTR Posts: 1,404
    Cheers, it's not too muddy, just the odd but here and there so I'll carry on with what I have and see how I get on over the winter, I have a 26" Rockhopper with really chunky Nobby Nics that I can use if it's really wet
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