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Personal milestone: 500 miles since July.

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Loving this cycling malarkey. It's been immensely enjoyable so far and I've found some good routes around Worksop/Blyth/A57 area and I can do 30 miles and not feel exhausted. I'd like to get that up to 40/50 miles soon. Lots of friendly waves or nod of the head from many other cyclists have been really positive and now I just need to find some good local cake/coffee shops.

The stable has expanded a bit. I got my Carrera Vanquish for my 40th Birthday in July and I now also have a Boardman Team Carbon, 1985 Raleigh Team Corsa and a 1980 Carlton Gran Prix. I also have a Giant CRS 3fs that I've had a few years and never really ridden which now has a bike seat for my 19 month old son who seems to love being out with me.

The difference in the three frame materials is big and leads me to the question: Why would anyone want anything other than a steel frame?! The Reynolds 501 tubing on the Raleigh is ace. It's a very smooth bike and I find the Carbon better than the Aluminium but both really unforgiving compared to the steel. I need a 531c bike now...and some more nice retro kit to go with my Banesto jersey. I think at heart I love the eighties Raleighs and I think my ideal bike would be a 531c Team Banaana or Panasonic. It's just possible I would sell the Boardman to get one...

So my next milestone will be 1000 miles, should take less time than the 500 and the real goal is simply to just ride and enjoy it while the miles pile up!


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    That's a lot of bikes you have got if you just started in July. Comfort is not all to do with the frame as can depend on tyres, saddle, how good the bike fits etc. I've got a aluminium hybrid, steel light tourer, and light carbon bike. All are good in their own way, but still trying to find a saddle that is ideal for me.

    Anyway, glad you're enjoying it.
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